Saturday, July 7, 2007

Tornado Dream

Hello All,

Here's a picture of me in my new glasses (my old ones keep on breaking), and a picture of Angie in the sink. Last night I had a tornado dream, but I think the dream's focus was really on safe places to live.

As the dream begun, A friend showed me a new housing development supposed to be completely self-sufficient. It had its own power grid, it's own sewage system and water supply, etc. I remember the construction method. Every house begun as a wooden foundation, with what looked like a big port-a-potty towards the back, which connected to the neighborhood's sewage system. The builders made this construction for every lot, and began to build the houses on these foundations.

This new housing development was adjacent to a much older neighborhood, with a small private college in it. This neighborhood was very beautiful. The buildings were obviously very old, and the only new thing about them was their modern window panes. The buildings had decorative stonework (they seemed to be made of either gray slate, or some type of tan granite), and different plants growing up their sides. As dusk approached I could see people studying through the windows of the private college. This neighborhood really cast a contrast between it and the new self-sufficient neighborhood.

I returned home (in the dream I still lived with my parents) and went to my bedroom. It started to rain and I read for awhile, until I noticed the storm really picking up. I went to the window and the wind was blowing so hard everything outside looked like it was going to be shoved sideways off the earth. I looked up to the sky and I could see a hole opening up in the clouds with a dark wisp of clouds starting to spin out of it.

I tried to get under my bed, but I wouldn't fit, so I sat under the door-frame of my closet. I noticed the funnel-cloud was really getting pronounced, so I decided I needed to go somewhere safer. I got my parents, and we went to a walk-in closet under the stairs. We turned on the closet light and waited. The storm soon passed, but I was eager to see what had happened to the new housing development.

I went back to the housing development, and it was more or less fine. Some building materials were scattered about, and the wooden foundations were thoroughly soaked, but none of the finished houses were damaged. I wondered if the fact the neighborhood had it's own power system would make it a better place to live in case of a severe storm. The old stone neighborhood was also fine, and I wished the new neighborhood was made to look like the old neighborhood.

Well, that was my dream. Not as interesting or symbolic as my other recent dreams, but it still lets me know what's worrying me deep down inside.

Thank you for reading,


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