Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dreams of Home-life, Dream of Strange Life

Hello All,
I had a lot of dreams last night. I woke up with a dream where I was in some third-world country. I can't remember it's name, but its sky was milky white, almost as if it was smoky outside. I was in a rural area, and there were trees everywhere, but none of the trees had branches. The land looked like it was covered by telephone poles.
I went out into the back yard of the house I was staying in, and it was on a very steep hill that lead right down to a large river, but the incline of the hill was so steep I couldn't see the bottom of the valley. I remember there being an outhouse in the back yard. I went to a side of the house where the incline wasn't as steep, and walked down to the valley floor. There wasn't a big river as I thought, but several very broad, shallow, creeks. Some kid threw a rock in the water, and I heard an old man say, "Oh he wants to wake the country of so-and-so (whatever the name of the country was).
At this point in the dream, something in the wilderness made a noise kind of like an owl's hoot, but with the raspiness of a pig's squeal. Then it seemed like the whole opposite side of the woods from where I stood started repeating the sound, just like an echo. The noise got louder every time it was repeated. I looked into the woods, but couldn't see anything making the noise. As I was looking in the woods, I heard the same old man call the animal the Rising so-and-so (after the name of the country). He said that only its own kind could "limit its scourge or scope."
Earlier in the night, I had three dreams related to home-life. I'll start from the first to last. The first one was a revision of what actually happened in the past. In real life, I stopped working as an assistant accountant, took that summer to study for the GRE, started taking classes that Fall, and was then accepted into graduate school in the Spring semester, but in the dream. I went back to work part-time for awhile (maybe almost a year?) before going to graduate school full-time.
I wore slacks and a button down shirt, and felt so nervous about going to work I threw up in the parking lot (I really hated that job). I remember going into the office and having to start the boring cubicle routine. I thought to myself, "I'm not going to be able to work here anymore in a few months anyway, so I might as well not put myself through this anymore." I left work and went home. I still lived with my parents, and it was around Spring break for those who were in college.
I looked around my room at all the things I had ever since I was a small child. There was a three-tiered fountain outside, and it had ducks playing in the large pool of water in the bottom tier. I had different friends come and visit me as they came home to their families over Spring vacation. They were people I knew from all different phases of my life in my real life. I remember talking to one of them. We were both sitting on my bed and I was looking out the window watching the ducks in the fountain, thinking I could watch them all day.
The next dream was much shorter. I was in a parking lot of some offices in the process of being built. I remember watching the builders' progress in one office over two nights, and once it got dark wanted to look in the window to see what it looked like inside, but I was afraid some sort of alarm would go off. I was about to go to sleep in the parking lot, but then it dawned on me it'd be safer to sleep in my car.
In the last dream in this series, I was living in our house in Connecticut. I got up in the middle of the night to look for something downstairs. I accidentally came across one of my Mom's hiding spots for sweets. I decided to just take half a pastry, so my Mom wouldn't be too angry with me, but when I went to heat it up, it got all gooey, so I had to eat the whole thing. I felt really bad about it and decided to buy my Mom another one when I got home from school the next day (I was probably about high-school age in this dream). I went upstairs and started to get tired. I could hear my parents wake up early and start moving around downstairs.
My Mom was talking about going to see a concert in London and my Dad was talking about the cost. They were putting up a Christmas tree. I was finally about to fall asleep again when I heard my Dad calling me. I must of been coming out of my dream and falling into deeper sleep in real life because I remember thinking if I were my black cat (Winkerton) I wouldn't have to wake up and go downstairs because then I could turn invisible.
I supposed I had a more active than usual night last night because I'm feeling a little sick today.
Thank you for reading,

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