Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Looking Back

Hello All,
Ever since I had the dream I posted in "Frenetic Acting" I always think, "If I had done things right in my life, that's where I would have been now." I really love dreams for giving me a taste of having a vibrant and curious life. This is perhaps the earliest dream I remember. I had this dream when I was three or four.
My parents, my best friend Craig Gillan, and I were on a cruise ship. Every thing looked adult and fancy, and I remember the pressure to be on my best behavior. I had to go to the bathroom. I turned the faucet on to wash my hands. I tried to turn the faucet off, but it just wouldn't turn off. The sink basin began to overflow, and I kept trying to turn it off.
Soon fish started to come through the faucet, and the sink looked like a little aquarium, but then the sea began to fill the cruise ship. I couldn't turn the faucet off, the knob just screwed off. We all went to the deck, and some kid had to go overboard with an inflatable raft, then they just brought her back up onto the ship, and said, "See what you did to her."

That's when I noticed we were still docked. There really wasn't any danger at all, but the ship's captain was still acting like we were all going to drown at sea. As punishment they threw me and my Dad into the sea. I remember him trying to grab hold of me under the water. It looked like we were underneath the deep end of a pool. I started to breath the water, and we both began to turn into fish.
My dream world has always had such a tangible feel to me, my whole life. It's as if it's a place I can go to, if only I knew how to drive to it.
Thank you for reading,

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