Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy-Disrepair Dream

Hello All,
I had a dream worth recording last night. As it began, a man and I were in bed together. We weren't having sex, we were just sleeping together. It was really humid in the room, and the window was open. The man I was with was older than me, he seemed very adult and manful. I felt somewhat dazzled to be in this situation with such an authoritative, masculine man. We both had insomnia together, and were knotting and twisting on the bed in a sweaty beige sheet. We would wake up every hour or so, drink wine and smoke a cigar, and talk until one or the other could sleep again. I remember the man would lay the cigar on the windowsill, and every time we woke up, he would tap the ashes off the cigar, and it'd still be burning.
I also had the impression the house we were in didn't have electricity. When we woke up, we went our different ways in the neighborhood. It was a strange neighborhood tucked away down a muddy dirt road in the woods. It seemed like some people's houses didn't have either running water or electricity, or only had one or the other. Everyone seemed to know each other (including myself), and gathered in the middle of the neighborhood each morning to figure out what to do that day. In this particular day, we decided to play in an abandoned school at the edge of the neighborhood. Both the neighborhood and the school sat by a large lake. The dirt road left the neighborhood between the school and the houses, and crossed the lake.
After visiting the abandoned school, we all went to the other side of the lake. All the houses on the other side of the lake were completely abandoned. We put candles all over the outsides of the houses and the trees around them, and got dressed into scary costumes. It was like a Halloween parade. We all went our separate ways after this festival. I heard a car come down the dirt road, and went to hide. I think this side of the lake was abandoned because it was too accessible to the general public, and the neighborhood I lived in on the other side of the lake was kind of a hidden community.
I tried to get down the dirt road to get across the lake back to the inhabited side of it, but the road was flooded. Some normal people (people not a part of the hidden community) had driven a jeep to the edge of where the road was washed out, and were swimming and playing in the water. I avoided their sight, jumped in the lake and swam back to the inhabited side of the lake. I remember walking through the abandoned school, and seeing a watermark on the wall where the flood waters had come up to. That's when I noticed the sound of construction workers in the school, and I quickly left it before I was noticed. I guess it was being reclaimed.
I went back to my neighborhood and told the people about the normal people swimming by the washed-out road. A bunch of them went out and swam to the edge of the washed-out road and started harassing and playing pranks on the normal people. Someone, I'm supposing it was the guy I was sleeping with, handed me the cigar again. It was still lit, so I smoked from it again. I then began to think about all the people who had been murdered in their lakeside houses, on the other side of the lake, and thought to myself, "It's dangerous to live by a lake."
Thank you for reading,

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