Friday, July 27, 2007


Hello All,
Today I found out I've been declined for unemployment aid, nearly 6 weeks after I first applied. Naturally I was upset and laid down. The substance of my life is very thin now. I had a dream swhirling with everything I've read and done in the past 6 weeks.
I was wearing the embroidered robe of a priest, but it was tightly cinched at the waist like a dress. I remember thinking about my last name. It's "Guilarte" and is Euskara, that's the language of the Basque people, and I'm half Basque. My name means "From the Oak Tree." Dressed as I was, I walked into a forest with so much undergrowth I felt as if I was wading through water. I came to an oak tree.
I sat there staring at it quietly for a while. I saw a long unicorn horn come out of it. I thought it was going to stab me because it came right for me. Instead, the horn slid along my shoulder and between my hair, which hangs far past my shoulders. Then I saw the unicorn. It's body was furry and flexible like a cat's body, and it's face was long, but exceptionally narrow for a horse's. It began to speak to me. The unicorn's lips curled and puckered like a human's lips. It whispered into my ear, as if to remind me,
"Judge ye not, "I am a withered tree."
"Judge ye not, "I am a withered tree."
"Judge ye not, "I am a withered tree."
I woke up, and don't feel any better. I'm thin skinned, and exceptionally afraid. Is there any act of humankind that can calm me?
Thank you for reading,

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