Saturday, June 30, 2007


Hello All,
I'm going to recount three dreams, but they're just fragments of larger dreams. I'm hoping to discover dreams from my past, while reading my diaries. So far, a lot of the dreams I've come across, I either don't remember well enough to retell, or simply aren't interesting enough to mention. Here is the first fragment, I had this dream the night before last.
The dream started in the shopping area of a large airport terminal. As I waited for my airplane, I went to an outside area to pass time. The terrain was hilly and forested by deciduous trees, like a forest in New England. However, a tropical sea rested at the foot of the forest. Something inside me warned me to go back inside the terminal. I realized many of the people I might meet would be unfriendly to me.
I went back inside the terminal, but before my plane left I wanted to go outside one more time. I walked quickly because I knew to avoid anyone I might encounter. I began to fall into an unusually quick stride, and the more I kept this pace the quicker my speed became. By the time I came outside, my stride looked natural, but all in a certain beat that gave me a speed faster than a galloping horse.
I passed a rocky peninsula covered in ferns and maple trees. I saw a family of primal looking country-folk huddled around a fire. Every flicker of my intuition told me to keep up the pace in order to not even be seen by these people. I came to a small bay where I seemed to be alone. The ocean water was so clear I could even see the features of its floor. A certain type of fish swam around, not in a school, but individually.
These fish were thick and round like goldfish, but had distinct octagonal scales, all iridescent. Most of the scales were a greenish-blue, but each fish had a different pattern of gold scales spraying across their bodies. The fish varied in size much to the scale of an oink of pigs. I soon noticed another family of rednecks killing these fish and dragging them up the grassy banks to their camp fires, and I quickly rushed back to the terminal.
The next dream fragment occurred last night. I can imagine it's a dream most people have had at some point in time. I accidentally came to work in my pajamas, and had clocked-out, but couldn't find the exit closest to where I parked my car. I had to walk all around the outside of the building, hoping no one would notice my bare feet and night-clothes. The next dream I remember from last night was also kind of typical, but with an unusual element to it.
I was about 5 or 6 years old in the dream, and had a crush on the boy who delivered newspapers. My family moved to the other side of town, but I discovered we still lived in his delivery route. Oddly enough, as I thought about how happy I was I'd still see the delivery boy, I watched all types of cloth coming out of mechanical looms. I carefully examined the different textures and colors of cloth, while walking down a long row of these mechanical looms.
Those are the dreams I have to tell. I already feel a bit of dread concerning my day because I can feel sloth creep about me. I hate how often I want to do something, but don't feel like doing anything, and can't seem to make myself settle to doing anything, so I spend my day pacing back and forth from station to station in my room (computer station, kitchen station, drawing station, reading station, pet-kitty station). Hopefully, things will iron-out and I'll add some productivity to my day.
Thank you for reading,

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